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Want to be a Next Youtube ? Or want to Run your own Video Sharing Website livelessons will help you reach your goals of making your own Video Sharing Portal. With livelessons you are only limited by your imaginations, not by its features & Enhancements.

livelessons committed to delivering an Unparalleled Entertainment Experience, and we do so by Engaging and Empowering our Content-Providers and Audience every step of the way - from Complete Multimedia Management of Videos, Photos & Audios to the Enhanced Social networking Features like Groups, Channels & Feeds. With livelessons unmatched scalability Users can Stretch their Applications from Family Video/Photo-album, shared only with a selected group, to emerging talents and established Social Media Giants.

Basic Features

  • New Web 2.0 Layout Design for both User and AdminEasy to Moderate Videos, Users , Groups etc.
  • Create Different User Groups to assign different permissions
  • Extendible with Plugins and Addons like WordPress
  • Daily Stats with graphical interface
  • Mass Uploader via FTP
  • Improved Channel System
  • User Categories
  • Video Categories
  • Advance reporting/flagging system
  • Ajax Based favorite,comments,ratings and reporting
  • Playlists

Advanced Features

1. Real Time Conversion

Livelessons  use Advance Server modules Like FFMpeg to make On fly Video Conversions. so users can stream it straight away using the Flash & HTML 5 Players.

 2. Complete Media Management Script (MMS)

Livelessons  is not limited to just Videos, But its a complete Multimedia Management script. and let you manage Videos, Photos & Audios All together on One Platform.

 3. User Management & Messaging System

Livelessons  Comes with complete user management with internal Messaging Systems. users in different classes as well as limit them to certain areas of Livelessons .

 4. Ajax Comments & Ratings

Livelessons  use advance AJAX techniques for the Comments & Ratings. and in livelessons  commenting systems you can reply to comments & Like/Dislike them As well.

 5. Built-in Language Editor

Livelessons  has its own Built-in Language Editors. It help you Virtual Create any language you want. Just Go to the Editors and Edit all the phrases as per your Will. Besides creating your own languages you can import language packs created by our community, which can be found on forums.

 6. Channels & User Feeds

In Livelessons  all users have their own Channels which they can customize. while other users can subscribe them to get the latest update from them . While users Feeds are the updates & Activity of a Particular user just like Facebook.

 8. Security

most secure video platform by making it 100% SQL injection Free.

 9. Scalability & Multi server

You can take your Livelessons  From one Server to 100's of servers from just one Panel according to your & your Users Need.



1. Process Improvements

Through livelessions the various processes can be analyzed in detail so as to find inefficiencies. Such weaknesses in the existing processes can be improved hence leading to an improvement in the overall efficiency levels of the company.

 2. Facilitates in training new staff

New staff can be trained easily and effectively by showing the relevant videos. Any training lesson missed or lessons that have to be repeated to new learners can be shown at convenience. Teaching by means of videos helps new staff to learn quickly.

 3. Quality Improvements

 A user can watch a video and learn at his own flexibility rather than wait for a trainer to explain to him or her. Since the latest cutting edge technology is incorporated in this solution the effectiveness is incredibly high.

 4. Saves Time and Money

Livelessions would enable supervisors to learn the latest designs, techniques and features of all work related aspects quickly.

 5. Self-service kiosk (Optional)

Any staff member can access based on their permissions levels and view any video trainings. The company announcements and news items can also be displayed through the kiosk.




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