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MediaDesk offers hosted saas or locally installed asset management software for mid sized and large enterprises. We offer IT Asset Management Software, Fixed Asset Management Software, Financial Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Enterprise Asset Management Inventory Management Software. Exceeding customer expectations is what we do best.

 Basic Features

  •        Media Type Category
  •        Media Item Creation
  •        Recording contains specification
  •        Item Locations up to two level
  •        Project & Client wise Items
  •        Item search by keyword (Reference No / Description)
  •        Barcode Tag Creation/Allocation and Printing
  •        Item report with location details (Print)
  •        Item Inquiry (by Media Item / By Category / By department)

Technical Specification

Web Server

  •        Operating System: Windows 2008 Server or higher
  •        HDD: 160 GB
  •        RAM 4GB or higher
  •        SQL Server 2005/2008 Database
  •        .Net Framework 3.5
  •        IIS 6 or higher

 Client Computers

  •        Operating system: ANY
  •        HDD : ANY
  •        RAM : ANY

 Terms & Warranty

Six months onsite warranty from the date of UAT and sign off, whichever is earlier. Warranty does not cover any travel costs to the sites may claim separately.



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