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Audio Spotlight - The Solution to one of life's many challenges

Audio Spotlight Advertising

Audio Spotlight technology works by focusing sound into a narrow beam, just like light.A customer walking through the cereal aisle might pass by a certain company’s box and suddenly hear and advertisement for it in his ear.However, to the person in the next aisle over, that particular ad would be inaudible.


Benefits :

– Shoppers value a peaceful, pleasant environment and do not want to be bombarded with noise or unrelenting, continuous advertising.

– At the same time, advertisers want to be sure their ads are both heard and listened to.

– With Audio Spotlight technology, sound is delivered in a tight, well-controlled beam with same degree of control as a visual spotlight.

– The Beam of sound can be directed to a specific area within the store, such a in front of a display , to provide sound for only the intended audience, while preserving quite for all others.

Options of Branding :

It can be placed anywhere in any size.

Costing Detail : Sale / Rent

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